Five Tips for Internet Marketers: How to Make Facebook Marketing Work.

It’s common for Internet Marketers to use social media, such as MySpace, Twitter and Facebook to promote themselves, their products/services, their company and/or work.

There are important rules and guidelines to follow instagram panel when marketing communications and strategies are being implemented. For the purposes of this discussion, I will use Facebook as an example for social media marketing.

Facebook is primarily a social media platform. It is not a marketing platform. Facebook was initially created to allow people to socially connect with others. When Facebook became a major force in the world of social networking, businesses and companies began to want a piece of the action. Facebook is a social networking site, so your marketing communications should be more social/friendly and connective.

These are five tips to make your Facebook marketing more effective. They are based on my observations and my own experience with Facebook as a marketing tool.

Tip 1 – Make your Facebook profile engaging, friendly, and informative.

Your profile should reflect who you are. Many people who are Facebook friends aren’t people you have met in real life. This is what I find to be my downfall. You could also be too casual, which could be seen as unprofessional. It is important to present something balanced and in-between. You are a business, so you must appear competent and professional. However, Facebook is a social media platform, so you should also show your humanity. This can be done by including some personal details about yourself in your Profile that are not directly related to your business. Give your readers information about your business and how they can benefit from it.

Tip 2 – Be honest with your status updates/posts. Facebook is not a place to sell or promote.

Be real – occasionally, you can simply post status updates/comments to show that you are just an ordinary person like them. Your comments should not be too personal or insignificant. ).

It is common to post quotes from famous people to add value. This will hopefully make your Friends think or inspire.

Example: “” Your character matters more than your reputation. Because your character is who you really are, and your reputation is just what others think you are. John Wooden, Basketball coach’

Be aware, however, that quotes are becoming more common and that their value could have been diminished. You might also create your own statements, based on your observations and ideas about life, business, or being human.

Tip #3: Help your friends/page fans/group members.

People don’t want to be sold to by sales-hype in status updates/posts. You need to create a personal brand based on your business and the products/services that you are promoting.

This approach will be more successful in enticed them to click through your main site and make a purchase. They will also have a greater chance of making a purchase because they will grow to trust and like you.

Tip 4: Make it interactive. To connect with others, create and use a Facebook Group.

You can invite your Friends to your Facebook Group. However, they have the option to choose whether or not to become Group Members. They will also be more likely to join a group that has lots of interaction (and isn’t just created to bombard them with sales-talk).

Allow Group Members to post updates/comments to the group’s wall in addition to yours. This allows them to interact freely with other members of the group. However, it is wise to limit self-promotion by Group Member.

Tip 5 – Use Facebook often. Get known by your friends/fans/group members.

Use Facebook every day if it is your primary Internet Marketing strategy. Be visible, be interactive, and be there! It is a place that you visit often. People there will get to know you better and feel more at ease and familiar with your personality if they go there frequently. This is a great way to build your personal brand and increase traffic to your website.